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Sep 16, 2022

There is no elaborate, nostalgic backstory to Two Souls Spirits. We don’t have a great, great grandfather that crafted the county’s best moonshine on a homemade still in his backyard. Which means we also didn’t find his long-lost bourbon mash bill scribbled on a page in his favorite novel or a dusty bottle of his prized hooch buried under a stack of quilts in great aunt Edna’s attic. And we certainly didn’t stumble across a seemingly endless supply of “forgotten” barrels in the back of an old, dilapidated Kentucky rickhouse. We’re just two friends who decided over a birthday dinner to start an independent bottling company. So yes, our story is simple, but we think you will still find it very interesting – and exciting.

We came up with the concept for Two Souls Spirits over a couple drinks and an order of quiche. The basic idea centered on two observations we made about craft spirits a few weeks earlier. First, we both agreed that US craft distillers were making spirits that were every bit as good, and often more distinctive, than their larger, more established counterparts. Second, despite a boom in popularity, craft spirits were still not widely available to consumers. In fact, the best craft products on the market were largely inaccessible to all but a few lucky folks – i.e., those living in the immediate vicinity of the distillery (there are many reasons why this is the case, but that’s a LONG conversation for another blog entry). What we realized at that restaurant, with a face full of crusty, eggy goodness, was that we had stumbled upon a major flaw in the system. Craft distillers were creating great spirits, but the people who would appreciate those products the most couldn’t find them. We decided then and there that we wanted to play a role in solving this problem. With that, Two Souls Spirits was born.  

In short, the goal of Two Souls Spirits is to make the best craft spirits in the US available to consumers across the country. We travel to our distillery partners, hand-select their very best barrels, bottle them under our label (always with full transparency), and ship them directly to your door (we can deliver to 43 states!). We bring the distilleries to you. This means that you can try craft spirits from all over the country by just clicking the “Shop” button on our website. And if that isn’t enough to pique your spirit curiosity, each of our releases is a one-of-a-kind product that you will not find offered anywhere else – even at the source distillery. Simply put, finding premium, rare craft spirits has never been this easy.

That’s it – that’s our origin story. Nothing fancy, just two friends with a passion and goal to change how people find, purchase, and enjoy craft spirits. We hope you find your journey through our spirits and partner distilleries as rewarding and enjoyable as we have. Cheers!

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