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Yahara Bay Distillers

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Yahara Bay Distillers has expanded from just 3 products when opening in 2007 to over 40, including a variety of excellent whiskeys, rums, brandies, and gins. Crafted one batch a time from locally sourced grains, fruits and herbs, these products truly represent the “The Spirit of Madison.” We look forward to bringing you more Two Souls offerings from this acclaimed, yet still somehow overlooked, premium craft distillery.

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Watershed Distillery

Founded in 2010, Watershed Distillery in Columbus, Ohio boasts an impressive list of award-winning gins, bourbon, apple brandy, and liqueurs. Dedicated to the principles of quality and community, this standout Midwest distillery invites you to gather with friends and family, raise a glass, and savor the spirits and company that underpin our personal Watershed moments – whether momentous or fleeting. We could not be happier to be partnering with this industry-leading craft distillery.

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Finger lakes distilling co.

Located in the heart of wine country, Finger Lakes Distilling (Burdett, NY) offers 17 different types of spirits, all produced from locally sourced grains and fruit. Known for their exceptional line of handcrafted McKenzie Whiskeys, Finger Lakes Distilling is a company firmly rooted in tradition, but ultimately shaped by innovation and a commitment to producing the highest-quality spirits possible – with zero shortcuts. We feel incredibly lucky to offer you multiple exclusive whiskeys from this premier US craft distillery.

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Sutherland Distilling California Whiskey


Sutherland Distilling Company

Sutherland Distilling Company was founded in 2013 by brothers Ryan and Barry Sutherland, along with friend Eric Larimer, in Livermore, CA. Inspired by their passion for craft spirits, and a shared commitment to sustainability and local agriculture, the trio quickly established a reputation for producing exceptional, handcrafted spirits distilled entirely from locally sourced ingredients.

Sadly, Sutherland Distilling Company announced that it would be closing permanently in February 2023. While we wish that this could have been a long-term partnership, we couldn’t be happier to offer you some of the last Sutherland bourbon that will ever be released. We are proud to continue the Sutherland tradition of “No Shortcuts. No Exceptions.” through Two Souls Spirits. 

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J. Henry & Sons

Tucked away on a family farm in the rural town of Dane, Wisconsin, J. Henry & Sons has quietly grown into one of the premier craft distilleries in the US. After spending several decades returning the farm to prominence, owners Joe and Liz Henry decided to take on a new challenge in 2008 - bourbon. To make their signature bourbon, they selected an heirloom red corn variety that was grown by Joe’s father in the 1940’s-1960’s. This exclusive red corn, along with their superior wheat and rye varieties, gives J. Henry & Sons Bourbon a sweet and earthy profile unlike any other bourbon on the market. While widely popular among whiskey enthusiasts in Wisconsin and the greater Chicago area, J. Henry & Sons Bourbon, especially the limited releases and single barrel products, is nearly impossible to come by in other regions of the country. Take advantage of this unique collaboration (Two Souls Spirits is the first independent bottler to work with J. Henry & Sons!) and “Reward Yourself” with a bottle of the incredible bourbon that sparked our obsession with craft whiskey! Cheers!

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Wollersheim Distillery

Situated on the grounds of Wollersheim Winery, a National Historic Site in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, Wollersheim Distillery has been producing premium craft spirits since 2009. While distillation was initially limited to grape brandy, the distillery has expanded production in recent years to include award-winning rye, bourbon, apple brandy, gin, and absinthe. Under the leadership of Master Distiller Tom Lenerz, Wollersheim Distillery is quietly releasing some of the best craft bourbon and rye on the market. We couldn’t be happier to help give Wollersheim Distillery the national spotlight it clearly deserves.




Four guys walk into a bar…and leave with a distillery. So goes the story of Rush Creek and its four founders, Mark and Todd Stricker, Jay T. Nolan, and Jeff McCarthy. From the moment Rush Creek opened its doors in Harvard, Illinois, this skilled crew has had a singular focus - to make the finest craft spirits possible. Dedicated to distilling hand-crafted spirits with locally sourced ingredients and relentless attention to detail, Rush Creek has quickly put itself on a short list of craft producers set to make a big splash in the US whiskey market. Consider this partnership a sneak-peak into a soon to be household name in whiskey.



Middle West Spirits

Located just north of downtown Columbus, Ohio, Middle West Spirits has been focused on producing spirits that not only showcase, but ultimately elevate, the distinctive grains and flavors of the Ohio River Valley since 2008. These spirits include bourbon, wheat whiskey, rye, gin, and a line of premium vodkas. A true grain to glass distillery with deep Ohio roots, Middle West is dedicated to distilling, aging, and packaging all their spirits in the heartland of Ohio. We are honored to usher in our partnership with Middle West Spirits with one of the most innovative spirits on the craft market – their Dark Pumpernickel Rye.