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Yahara Bay Distillers

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Yahara Bay Distillers has expanded from just 3 products when opening in 2007 to over 40, including a variety of excellent whiskeys, rums, brandies, and gins. Crafted one batch a time from locally sourced grains, fruits and herbs, these products truly represent the “The Spirit of Madison.”

We first discovered Yahara Bay Distillers in 2012 while visiting family in the Madison area. While their spirits were young at the time, their creativity, passion, and desire to distill the best spirits in Wisconsin clearly set them apart from their peers. It was this desire that ultimately led to the creation of some of the most memorable barrels we have ever sampled. We look forward to bringing you more Two Souls offerings from this acclaimed, yet still somehow overlooked, premium craft distillery.

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Watershed Distillery

Founded in 2010, Watershed Distillery in Columbus, Ohio boasts an impressive list of award-winning gins, bourbon, apple brandy, and liqueurs. Dedicated to the principles of quality and community, this standout Midwest distillery invites you to gather with friends and family, raise a glass, and savor the spirits and company that underpin our personal Watershed moments – whether momentous or fleeting.

We first visited Watershed when researching craft distilleries for Bourbon Sippers. At the time (2012/2013), two guys and a tiny still represented the entirety of the production crew. However, despite this humble appearance, Watershed was still cranking out premium gins and a young bourbon that oozed with potential. Now, much larger and raking in yearly accolades, Watershed was a no-brainer top priority when we decided to launch the Two Souls brand. We could not be happier to be partnering with this industry-leading craft distillery. 

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Finger lakes distillery co.

Located in the heart of wine country, Finger Lakes Distilling (Burdett, NY) offers 17 different types of spirits, all produced from locally sourced grains and fruit. Known for their exceptional line of handcrafted McKenzie Whiskeys, Finger Lakes Distilling is a company firmly rooted in tradition, but ultimately shaped by innovation and a commitment to producing the highest-quality spirits possible – with zero shortcuts.

We visited Finger Lakes Distilling June of 2022 to select our first barrels from the state of New York. Overlooking the shores of Seneca Lake (and the numerous vineyards therewithin), you would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque location for a craft distillery. Equally impressive are the whiskeys, including multiple expressions of bourbon and rye, along with a classic pot still whiskey and an American single malt. We feel incredibly lucky to offer you multiple exclusive whiskeys from this premier US craft distillery.

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