Hazmat Rye Extravaganza

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Rye So Serious Bundle

Our Rye So Serious Bundle consists of two rye whiskeys that demonstrate how seemingly subtle changes in mash bill and production methods can have powerful impacts on the flavor of rye whiskey. The first, an 8-year-old rye from Yahara Bay Distillers, features a 95/5 (rye/malted barley) mash bill that has dominated the rye scene for the past decade. This bottle is offered at an impressive 147.18 proof (hazmat), further enhancing the spicy nature of the rye grain. The second, a 6-year rye from Finger Lakes Distilling, has a lower rye percentage (80%) in the mash bill and a barrel entry proof of 100, well below the 125 upper limit. These modifications create a whiskey that is full-bodied and packed with flavor, but surprisingly approachable at full cask strength. Together, these bottles are a great way to experience the versatility of rye whiskey, as well as the creativity of American craft distillers. 

 Two Souls Spirits 8-Year Wisconsin Straight Rye Whiskey, Hazmat (Yahara Bay Distillers)

Made from a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, this 8-year-old rye whiskey epitomizes the modern approach to American rye. Undeniably bold, spicy, and mature, this is a pour that will challenge everything you think you know about craft whiskey.

Two Souls Spirits 6-Year New York Straight Rye Whiskey (Finger Lakes Distilling)

Made from a unique mash bill of 80% rye and 20% malted barley, this New York Straight Rye is a true throwback to vintage whiskeys of 1960’s-1980’s. The lower entry proof creates a rich and remarkably full-bodied whiskey that appeals to rye and bourbon drinkers alike.

Both whiskeys are bottled at cask strength and are non-chill filtered. 

$229.98 and Free Shipping. Limit 1 Per Order.

Finish Them Bundle

Our Finish Them Bundle showcases two whiskeys that we chose to finish in secondary casks. The first is a hazmat rye whiskey from Yahara Bay Distillers that was aged for over 8 years before being finished for an additional 3 months in a hazmat rum barrel. The second is an American single malt from Watershed Distilling that was aged for over 5-years in a heavy char (#5) barrel before spending nearly 9 months in an apple brandy barrel. While these are inherently very different whiskeys, they both demonstrate how a thoughtfully executed finishing process can bring added complexity and depth of flavor to an already exceptional spirit.

Two Souls Spirits 8-Year Wisconsin Rye Whiskey Finished in a Rum Barrel, Hazmat (Yahara Bay Distillers)

Made from the classic 95/5 (rye/malted barley) mash bill, this 8-year hazmat rye whiskey spent 3 months in a hazmat rum barrel prior to bottling. The rum finish enhances the sweeter aspects of the rye, bringing notes of plum and caramel creams to the front of the palate.

Two Souls Spirits 6-Year Ohio American Single Malt Whiskey Finished in an Apple Brandy Barrel (Watershed Distillery)

Made of a mash bill of 85% malted barley and 15% smoked malted barley, this American single malt was finished in freshly dumped apple brandy for over 8 months. Like drinking a candy apple from a Glencairn glass.

Both whiskeys are bottled at cask strength and are non-chill filtered.