6-Year New York Straight Rye Whiskey Featuring Finger Lakes Distilling

"I would put this rye up against any rye I tasted last year...it's that damn good." - Luke G. @ Capital City Bourbon Show

"...if you are looking for a unique-flavored craft rye whiskey this is one that hits that 'uniqueness' ball out of the park." - Nick B. @ Breaking Bourbon
What makes this unique? This is easily one of the most flavorful, well-balanced rye whiskeys we have come across. The nose alone is worth the price of admission. Don't sleep on this one!
6-Year New York Straight Rye Whiskey Featuring Finger Lakes Distilling

6-Year New York Straight Rye Whiskey Featuring Finger Lakes Distilling

About This Whiskey
In the middle of NY wine country sits one of the finest craft distilleries in the US – Finger Lakes Distilling. With a deep library of top-shelf whiskeys at hand, there was zero chance we could walk away with just one barrel – so we chose 3 (you’re welcome!). This 6 year, 11-month-old rye whiskey (80% rye, 20% malted barley) is like the holiday season in a glass - joyous, indulgent, and meant to be shared with family and friends (except your heavy pouring uncle Larry - give him the cheap stuff).
Tasting Notes: Rich, spicy layers of caramel apple, sweet cinnamon candies, vanilla, and oak tannins.
If you are looking for the perfect holiday bottle, you have officially found it. This exceptional rye from Finger Lakes Distilling is packed with rich, decadent notes of caramel apples and vanilla alongside waves of warming cinnamon and baking spices. Toss in a lingering dry finish and you have the ideal whiskey to properly elevate a cold winter evening. And don’t let the lower proof fool you, this is a full-bodied rye that will satisfy even the most ardent proof snob.

The Nerdy Bits:

Mash Bill: 80% rye, 20% malted barley
Fill Date: 12/15/2015
Bottle Date: 11/17/2022
Age: 6 years, 11 months, 2 days
Finger Lakes Barrel #: 1927
Entry Proof: 100
Barrel Char: #4
ABV: 52.65%
Proof: 105.30
Yield: 196 Bottles

About Finger Lakes

Located in the heart of wine country, Finger Lakes Distilling (Burdett, NY) offers 17 different types of spirits, all produced from locally sourced grains and fruit. Known for their exceptional line of handcrafted McKenzie Whiskeys, Finger Lakes Distilling is a company firmly rooted in tradition, but ultimately shaped by innovation and a commitment to producing the highest-quality spirits possible – with zero shortcuts.

We visited Finger Lakes Distilling June of 2022 to select our first barrels from the state of New York. Overlooking the shores of Seneca Lake (and the numerous vineyards therewithin), you would be hard pressed to find a more picturesque location for a craft distillery. Equally impressive are the whiskeys, including multiple expressions of bourbon and rye, along with a classic pot still whiskey and an American single malt. We feel incredibly lucky to offer you multiple exclusive whiskeys from this premier US craft distillery.

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